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Kasavu is a handcraft cream saree with gold designs and borders, worn by Malayalee ladies. From the place where there is 'God's own nation', Kerala's Kasavu develops as one of the finest traditional saris which characterize the quintessence of the excellence of each lady in Kerala. It is a handloom material which improves its marvelous through the inborn outskirts absorbed the shade of immaculate gold. This texture sari is thought to be the most propitious clothing for ladies in Kerela, particularly amid their new year, according to the Hindu calender. Otherwise called Kasavu, Kerela Kasavu, and Mundum Neriyathum (Nereyathum).

Source and History

Kerala Kasavu which was initially known as 'Mundum Neryathum', follows itself route back to the Buddhist period. Gradually and slowly this ethnic texture spread out its substance toward the southern parts of India and turned out to be lavishly conspicuous in Kerala. Be that as it may, the style of the texture likewise discovers its unique embodiment from the Graeco-Roman culture which was known as 'Palmyrene'.

This clothing was continuously considered as a long bit of texture which had a shaded gold outskirt that was shown as a long piece of clothing and stuck onto to one side of the shoulder. Notwithstanding, this clothing till the 1970s was not worn as an ordinary sari, as the pallu was not considered as something that must be hung as an upper piece of clothing.

Exhibit Day Scenario

Golden fringes have now been supplanted with various types and shade of zaris and the work and outlines which speak to the traditional culture, are presently created in the substance of Resham,

Kerala Kasavu Fabric

Upgrading the look and charm of the sari. Customary Kasavu pullovers have now made ready for planner shirts, which are more in a state of harmony with the present era and current in vogue tastes and patterns. The upper dress of the mundu is never again traditionally tucked inside the Kasavu pullovers, since now according to the current patterns these pallus go over the left shoulder which gives the whole clothing a complex look.

Wellsprings of Inspiration

The brilliant and cream crochet made on this ethnic texture are naturally set giving the clothing a traditional interest. The fringes which are determined to the pallu or on the body of the sari look like a film reel as the outskirts are planned in a kerela kasavu style with the utilization of various shaded strings, engraving ethnic and religious themes in multi-hued threadwork.

Faces Behind the texture

This fine art introduced on the sari symbolized and characterized the identity and the social part of ladies who had their social roots somewhere down in the soil of Kerala. The first quintessence of this texture felt an observable nearness portrayed through the astounding portrayals of Painter Raja Ravi Verma. The plan of this texture additionally discovered its prominence in the fanciful stories like Mahabharata which depicted Shakuntala in numerous Kerala Kasavu clothing types.



The essential clothing of Kerala Kasavu is fundamentally arranged into two bits of pieces of clothing; one is the "kara" which speaks to the shaded piece of an outline that is engraved in the fringe and the second which is the "Mundu" that characterizes the lower segment of the portion of clothing. The clothing additionally comprises of the upper article of clothing which is known as the 'Neriyathu'.


Kasavu embroidery has gone past saris by engraving themselves onto pieces of clothing like salwar kameez, in vogue "Onakodi" clothing, which is a mix of present day and traditional look, skirts, kurtis and some more. Traditional kasavu outskirts have additionally been inventively supplanted by Diamonds and check formed themes and outlines. Brilliant fringes have included more hues like Green and Red in them, along these lines upgrading the look much more.

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